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New estonian airline comes to replace Estonian Air. But Nordic Aviation owners claim themselves to be different from the the bankrupt carrier. The newcomer does not like being compared to its ancestor, and does not want to be considered its heir. And though it has been created by the initiative of of the Government of the Republic of Estonia, it claims to bring improved standards to the financial model and operating activities.

Nordic Aviation Group is the official title of the new Estonian airline. It commenced its operations in the beginning of November, 2015 flying from Tallinn, with a route network and flight schedule being the most suitable for Estonian population.

The most interesting moment is the Nordic Aviation Group is not a full-functioning airline, but a charterer, because the company has neither aircraft nor its own flight crews. The flights will be carried out in cooperation with BMI, Trade Air, NextJet, Carpatair and Adria Airways. Adria Airways is the most important partner because the new Estonian carrier uses its certificate, commercial platform and ticketing system.

This is very unusual situation for the national airlines status, but Nordic Aviation ensures that the situation is not final. The management of the company works hard and plans to reach stability, enough for the next growth.

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